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I'm feeling a lot better now, My cousin really made me feel better and cheered me up a lot. I love my family.

My cousin Jess is cool, She's even a cool friend. I look at my cousins as my friends and family, because at least their always there for you. I even look at some of my close friends as family too. Because their there for me.

I had a good weekend apart from some Txt messages, My cousin rang me up Saturday night and asked me if I wanted to hang out with her and my other cousins and i said yes of course so an hour later she picked me up from my grans house and we drove to Marion and went to the movies.

There was me, My cousins Alanna, Jess, Cindy and Adam. It was great to catch up with them. I think we should do that more often. Their so cool and fun to hang out with.

We saw the movie called "You and your stupid mate" The movie was so funny. It was a Aussie movie which made it even more better and more funny. Hehehehe. But I would of like to see Kindome of Heaven, but my cousin Jess had already seen it. It was funny in the Cinima while we were watching previews because whenever a new preview started my cousin would whisper Star Wars because he wanted to see a preview. It was funny and because he is so obsessed with Starwars. I like star wars too, and looking forward to the new one that's coming out this week. Hopefully I'll go and see it at the cinimas.


I slept at my cousins Cindys and then the next mourning we went on the Million Paws Walk, that was fun. We were raising money for the RSPCA so it was for a good cause.

Anyway that is all for now.


Love Becky.
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