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I'm at the Libary, because my computer is Broken. It's not FAIR!!!  I can switch the computer on and all, but it won't go onto anything. When I turn my computer on it says I need to type some code thing on it. *Confusing* Mum needs to ring her friend to fix it. I've survived, but the worst thing is i can't do any computer work at home. :(

On other news, I went to the kapunda Swap Meet it was pretty boring, but i had Mark there for Company. So it wasn't all bad. I had Marks company all Weekend which was good. Had someone around my age to talk too, he's not much younger than me anyway.

I had double Art today so it wasn't all bad.

I can't wait to this weekend sopposed to be seeing Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith. That movie looks so cool. Looking forward to be seeing it. Mark is sopposed to be coming with us, it sounds like he goes everywhere with us lol. That a great thing though, i love spending time with him.


Well got to get going now.

Love *B*E*C*K*Y*

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