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Sometimes I really wonder why I even have friends in the first place.

Well certin friends to be exact. But not mentioning any names, because they both have a livejournal. And I don't care if you read this because this is my Journal and I'm allowed to type what I want and when i want too. Seeing I have no one that I can talk too.

At this moment. Sighs.... I was having a fine weekend untill I got some Txt Messages, I don't even know why I bother trying to be a good friend. I know what my Problem is, It's that I'm too nice for my own good. That's what it is.

Please no one comment, Because I don't want to start any Bitch Fights, with me typing my thoughts. Only post if it's nothing nasty.


I only want to type my thoughts because I find it helps me.

Why is it that I get into fights with certin friends more than once and it's the same people, I know no one is exactily perfect. I know I've made mistakes myself. I know some, most of my friends have at least made one mistake and it's only normal.

I don't think that I've done anything wrong, all I do is try to be there for my friends. Either if their Sad or Happy. That's all I was trying to do, was be a good friend. Because mostof the time I saw one of my friends she looked Sad or Deppressed and all I asked her was a simple Question, acting all caring and stuff and they would either say nothing was wrong with them or they just didn't want to tell me. It's not like I would go and tell everyone. This Friend told me that it was too Risky and Upsetting to tell her friends, So I've given up.

I've tried to be a good friend, I'm just not going to bother trying to be a good friend. Don't bother telling me, if at any point you decide too. Because look what has happened. I thought we had a strong Friendship, that's all. We've known each other for that amount of time. I've trusted you with some of my things I've told you. But I don't know what to think anymore.....I don't know who I can trust or talk too.

It just upsets me so much too see how many fights friends have. And the topics of fights that I've had with friends. Certin ones. I don't know what to do.

Then the next thing I know one of my'n and her friends sends me a txt message having a go at me.


I just don't know what to do....

At least I know I can trust Stacey, and Sarah. Well I think I can. I'm so confused I don't know.

But apart from all that I had a good weekend.

All this was between me and a friend all because she thought I was Ignoring her, when I wasn't.

Grrr, Then she goes talking behind my back to my friends and then they ring me.

Fine everyone can just blame me, not that anyone really cares.....

I think I mentioned Everything.

Cya Love Becky
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