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Hello everyone, Well I'm at the libary again I managed to get down here because I'm not feeling too well. But I can't really afford to miss much school actually with being in year 12 and all.

I would be at home on the computer but seeing my computer hasen't been looked at or fixed yet by my mums friend. GRRRRRRRRRR

* Wants her own computer back*


I feel as though nothing ever turns out right.

Except my friend, BF, Etc all that kinda stuff.

I also came here because i wanted to borrow another book, seeing i'll probably finish the other book i only just borrowed saturday tonight. I've really been into reading books lately.

I borrowed a book called Green Angel it looks interesting.

What else? well lately Amy has been driving me around, because of her P Plates. And because she like driving with her friends, so that's fun. Even though from my sickness i had a great day today was so funny.

Oh the weekend i had a good time, i baby-sat my little sister on Saturday and then that night fel rang me up and then her and amy ended coming over at like 8pm and we chated for a couple of hours it was so funny, we were so gone. Me and amy were getting drinks for the three of us and me and amy had lemonade and gave fel some red cordial, but put a little bit of lemonade in her drink, it was funny because she doesn;t like lemonade or any soft drink.

Then ME, Amy and Fel hanged out at Amy's house and weent for a walk down the street and bought some lunch and chated, watched a movie called cinderella story *Love that movie* it was so cute. Thier were some hot guys in that movie too, it made it even better because Hilary duff was in the movie too, she's a great actor. Later on that afternoon we went for a drive, and then Amy dropped us off home.

It was a very enjoyable weekend and then in like two weeks it's fels b-day that should be great fun.

It's so ,much fun hanging out with Aims and Fel, just the three of us.

Now back to reality...School.

Wants holidays to come back.

Well better get going it's 4:27 and i feel like soup so i need to head home.

Love Becky

It should be good because Mark and me can hang out tomorrow, because we have a youth group thing to go to.

*Loves her mark*

Now i think my lj is long enough
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